April 5, 2011

Because Checking Your Cell Phone Is So 2000 and Late...

I will be the first to admit it - I 100% jumped on the boyfriend watch bandwagon.  I only recently started wearing a boyfriend watch (gifted Michael Kors Oversized, #7 pictured below) and have since then become OBSESSED with watches in general.  While I now have my "everyday" watch, I find myself trying to justify reasons to own multiple watches.  Below are my top picks of the watches in stores right now, but believe me it was hard to narrow it down to these.  If I had it my way, I would have a different watch for everyday of the week but then again, who do I think I am, Diddy?

1. D&G Embossed Leather Watch - $215.00
2. Fendi Stainless Steel and Ceramic Strap/Watch - $1,195.00
3. Michael Kors Square Leather Strap Watch - $225.00
4. Michael Kors Tortoise Watch - $250.00
5. Michael Kors Gold Stainless Steel and Horn Acetate Watch - $295.00
6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Black Patent Leather Watch - $200.00
7. Michael Kors Oversized Watch in Gold - $250.00
8. Michael Kors Rose Goldtone Bracelet Watch - $275.00
9. Michele Tahitian Large Jelly Bean Watch in White/Gold - $345.00


  1. So true! It is so frustrating when people have to take out their phones during brunch, or more importantly, a meeting, to check the time and then get caught checking emails and responding to texts. Get a watch!

  2. Such a valid point! I will say it did take some getting used to actually looking at my watch and not my cell phone when I first got it. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Watch Number 6 would be great as a present for that special someone! Great advice!!

  4. What a great blog, very informative with entertaining thoughts. I have put my Swiss Army watch back in use due to your thoughts on watches ! CJK