April 20, 2011

Finding the Yellow Lining

You know when you have those days where you just feel "off" but can't pinpoint why?  Well that was yesterday for me.  I didn't get a lot of sleep the night before, my clients and I were not seeing eye to eye, and frankly the one thing getting me through the day was knowing I had wine and cheese night with friends later in the evening.  However, as I was leaving from work, I received a picture text from a friend that immediately changed my whole day.  To provide you with a brief background on this message, I went to see the show Book of Mormon with friends on Sunday night.  After the show we stopped at Shake Shack and I saw this AWESOME yellow jacket on a random girl in line.  Everyone was telling me I should take a picture, but until Empire Stilettos has a little more street cred, I didn't want to scare the poor girl.  Of course I immediately regretted the decision and even google image searched the coat later that night.  But lucky for me, I have a really nice friend who coincidentally saw the same coat (and potentially the same girl) on his commute to work and he snapped a picture of it for me!  When I saw the picture come through my day was immediately brightened.  I don't know if it was the vibrant yellow of the coat or once again appreciating how lucky I am to have such great people in my life.  Either way, my day was turned around.  The good news is, I can now share with you what the coat looks like.  It is definitely a heavier fall/winter jacket, but in the fashion world we are always thinking ahead 2 seasons right?  Enjoy!


  1. Did O'Krongly take that pic?! Such a hun.

    I am feeling this post. From the titl to the poignant message at the end that ties back to fashion...love it.

  2. This is great...I love the stalking story you incorporated.

  3. Wow this fashion blog moves fast and furious, cool stuff and stories to match.CJK