April 6, 2011

Get Your Nails Did

One of the few things that is more affordable in NYC than anywhere else in America is a mani-pedi.  There is no better feeling than after a long work week or before a big event, to go to your neighborhood nail salon and hand them $25 to get you a fantastic pedicure and manicure in under an hour.  However, for me at least, the longest part of this "treat" can actually be picking out the nail color I want.  Therefore, I thought I would try to make everyone's life a little easier and pick out some gorgeous Spring nail polishes for you.  Since I know most people have a strong preference of Essie vs. OPI, I wanted to please both parties and choose the best options for each brand. I apologize the picture below is not larger (still trying to work out the kinks on blogger).  Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy the beautiful color palettes of Spring!

  1. Essie - Shop Till I Drop - $8.00
  2. Essie - Haute as Hello - $8.00
  3. Essie - Lilacism - $8.00
  4. Essie - Sweet Talker - $8.00
  5. OPI - ElePhantastic Pink - $8.50
  6. OPI - Feelin' Hot-Hot-Hot! - $8.50
  7. OPI - Lucky Lucky Lavender - $8.50
  8. OPI - No Room for the Blues - $8.50


  1. I fell in love with Fifth Avenue by Essie this weekend. It's the perfect summer coral red for pale skin. It was finally the Mad Men 60's color I was looking for...

  2. Thanks so much for the feedback! I am obsessed with Coral polish as well and will definitely check out that color