April 28, 2011

Here comes the...Accessories!

Royal Wedding Day is officially upon us.  Now that we have covered the Bachelorette party attire and some killer wedding shoes, let's accessorize the beautiful bride!  To be clear, I am not suggesting that we take it to Heidi Montag's level (she could have done without the 10 strand necklace AND rhinestone sash AND diamond cuff), but I do think every bride should "frost" herself in her own style.  Whether it is adding a sash to the dress or wearing your great-grandmother's antique pearls, there are endless ways to accent your gorgeous dress.  As always, I have featured my favorite picks below.  Since there were so many amazing accessories to choose from, I categorized each selection by dress, hair and jewelry.  Oh and don't worry, garter's are included.  Enjoy!

For the Dress:

  1. Personalized Custom Bride's Hanger - $27
  2. Rhinestone Buckle Sash - $165
  3. Pearl Vintage Ivory on Black Bridal Sash - $59
  4. Couture Bridal Sash (available in multiple colors) - $75

For the Hair:

  1. Petite Birdcage Veil and Ostrich Feather Fascinator - $45
  2. Ranunculus Flower with Large Pearl and Crystal Pendant - $27.95
  3. Liz Birdcage Half Veil with Swarovski Crystals - $55
  4. Art Deco Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones Hair Comb - $74
  5. Diamond White Rhinestone Bridal Flower with variety of feathers - $46

Jewelry and More:

  1. Lillian Necklace - $95
  2. White Swarovski Pearl Pendant Necklace - $32
  3. Emerald Earrings - $48
  4. Vintage Inspired Wedding Earrings - $59.95
  5. Vintage Glamour Bridal Earrings - $34
  6. Art Deco Rhinestone and Swarovski Pearl Cuff Bracelet - $112
  7. Five Strands Vintage Style Bridal Bracelet - $105
  8. Custom Shabby chic Rosette Garter set - $43
  9. Garter Layered Black Lace and Cream Ivory Rose and Pearls - $40

ES Note:  all items were selected from www.etsy.com


  1. Beautiful choices! I love the black bridal sash {and that dress- omg} and the vintage inspired wedding earrings! :) Hope you're having a royally awesome day!


  2. love the birdcage veils. so awesome. gak

  3. Thank you for the comments!