April 12, 2011

Workin' It Day to Night

Tonight I am looking forward to having a delicious Italian meal with a few girlfriends at my favorite NYC restaurant, Spasso.  Like the rest of New Yorkers, I can't think of a week where there isn't some sort of social event planned after work.  With the incredible number of restaurants, bars, and events to attend, it's impossible to keep your social life limited to the weekend.  Given the long work days, there is rarely ever time to run home and switch outfits before your plans.  So while it is no surprise that we should be investing in versatile pieces that can be worn to both work AND happy hour, the real question is what are the right pieces to purchase.  I always find an outfit to be the most versatile when I wear one or two bold pieces to stand out with an otherwise neutral outfit.. Below I have put together a few suggestions of transitional statement pieces for your closet that will definitely help your outfit go from day to night without having to change a thing.  Remember less is always more so when wearing a bold accessory piece, always pair with a neutral tee or pant.  Same rule applies with clothing.  If you are wearing a bright top, go for a more understated necklace color (you get the picture...).  Cheers!

  1. J.Crew Accordian Dress in Super 120s - $250
  2. J.Crew Horizon Stripe Pencil Skirt - SALE $80
  3. Anthropologie Slouch and Narrow Trousers - $128
  4. J. Crew Silk Twill Pencil Skirt - $325
  5. Anthropologie Midsummer's Bloom Blouse - $228
  6. J.Crew Spangled Stripe Sweater - $128
  7. J.Crew Sequin Mist Cardigan - $298
  8. Zara Tailored Blazer - $99
  9. Anthropologie Isabel Dress - $128

  1. Tom Binns Massai Necklace - $2,175
  2. Hive and Honey Leaf Hinged Bracelet - $24
  3. Kate Spade Gumdrop Stud - $38
  4. Hive and Honey Military Tonal Bracelet - SALE $34.99
  5. Tinley Road Leather Cuff Bracelet - $48
  6. Sequin Crystal Cluster Earring - SALE $34.99
  7. Hive and Honey Mixed Metal Knot Necklace - $45


  1. Loved your coupon sales woman by day, Italian restaurant connoisseur by night outfit yesterday. Mama was looking fine eating that polenta!

  2. LOVE the trend of sequins on more subdued classic pieces! Gives work outfits just a little bit of oomph without making you look cheap, yet still seamlessly transitions your outfit from a work outfit to an evening outfit...

  3. My girlfriend actually owns the necklace in picture #7. I love it on her and its a great pick!