May 3, 2011

Because ES Does Not Discriminate!

Today marks a very special day - Empire Stilettos is debuting the first ever MEN'S fashion wear post.  Depending on the response, this could become a monthly feature.  Since my ultimate fashion passion is shoes, I thought it would be appropriate to have men's spring style shoes as the first topic.  I know a man's taste in shoes can vary from extremely casual (aka sneakers only) to business dressy.  Therefore, I did my best to pick a wide variety of spring shoe styles to appeal to every type of shoe guy out there.  And while I understand men don't always want to hear the women in their lives telling them how to dress, act, etc, I simply cannot refrain from just one piece of advice.  If the girl you are seeing/dating/married to is dressed up (i.e. wearing anything with heels), please do not think it is appropriate to put on your gym sneakers and dad jeans.  Not only does it quadruple her chances of getting hit on, it simply does not look good.  If the occasion doesn't call for dress pants and shiny shoes, you can still opt for a cleaner cut pair of jeans (pictured here) and a modern sneaker/boat shoe (pictured below).  Ok I promise I am done (for now at least).  Enjoy boys!
 For the Guy Who Hates Bars That Won't Let Him In Because of His Shoes:

  1. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Slim Ox - $65
  2. Lacoste Lyndon Slip - $65
  3. PUMA California 2 - $65
  4. Banana Republic Prescott Leather Sneaker - $98
  5. Simple Tuba II - $65
For the Guy Who Never Learned How To Tie His Shoes:

  1. Sperry Men's Seaside Slip-On - SALE $64.99
  2. Cole Haan Air Bryce Driver Venetian - SALE $119.99
  3. Kenneth Cole World Hold On - SALE $69.50
  4. Sperry Men's Striper Slip-On - SALE $49.99
  5. Lacoste Brocken XT - $65
 For the Guy Who Loves Going to Country Clubs (or Clubs):

  1. Cole Haan Air Franklin Plain Ox - $168
  2. Sperry Men's Mako 2 Eye Canoe Moc Boat Shoe - $80
  3. Frye James Wingtip - $198
  4. Sperry Boat Oxford - $80
  5. Cole Haan Oswego Plain Oxford - $188


  1. 4 and 5 in the third set are baller, I could see myself in some of those!

  2. I love your country club selection, i personally like the tie style Sperry you have featured, i have the "loafer" Sperry, but since i have learned how to tie my shoes i may pick up a pair with the "laces". CJK

  3. Your shoe categories cracked me up.

  4. Love the look of the BR leather sneaker! great choices! gak

  5. As a boating dad from Erie, I've been wearing the Sperry boat shoe for years. I hate the shoes with the leather laces which come undone constantly. Sperry makes BS with cloth laces that stay tied forever, plus the shoes come in two tone colors.