May 24, 2011

ES Goes Beachy: Sun Shields

I remember the days (mainly high school) when my friends and I spent all summer break trying to maximize our sun exposure.  I was a lifeguard at the beach, so no matter how often I re-applied my sun block or how long I sat under an umbrella, I always went back to school in September a shade or two darker. At the time it was great; let's face it we all feel a little more confident with a sun kissed face. However, I have since evolved from those days and actually try to protect my skin from the sun when I spend a day at the beach. Spray-on sun block has become my new BFF, but on some sunny days I need even more protection. I have been thrilled with this seasons beach hats because they give your face (and hair) an added sun shield, as well as make you look incredibly chic when lounging on the sand.  I have been on the hunt for that perfectly huge floppy beach hat for my upcoming vacation. The problem isn't that I can't find one, it's that I have found too many! I have four days to make my "big" decision, but until then I have picked out my favorite beach hat styles.  I also threw in a super cute beach umbrella pick for maximum shade time.  Enjoy!

PS: Don't forget to check out today's bathing suits picks at the end!

Floppy Hats

Fedora Hats:

Beach Umbrella:

  1. J.Crew Summer Straw Hat - $34.50
  2. H and M Straw Hat - $12.95
  3. Gap Floppy Stripe Hat - $29.95
  4. Goorin Brothers Macey Floppy Hat - $45
  5. Banana Republic Woven Straw Hat - $45
  6. Forever 21 Speckled Floppy Hat - $12.80
  7. Laundry by Shelli Segal Woven Raffia Sun Hat - $68
  8. Alejandra Sky Floppy Beach Hat - $69
  9. Madewell Two Tone Trilby - $42
  10. Michael Stars Safari Fedora - $34
  11. J.Crew Stripe Brim Fedora - SALE $14.99
  12. Kate Spade Safari Hat - $75
  13. TopShop Straw Corsage Trilby - $25
  14. Eugenia Kim Fedora  - $298
  15. Beach Umbrella - $19.99

ES Beach Week Bonus! Daily Bathing Suit Picks:

  1. J.Crew Italian Jersey Ruffle Tank One Piece - $125
  2. Topshop Multcoloured Paisley Bikini - $26.50


  1. I have a big and floppy tan hat like #3- it was the BEST purchase I made last summer because I didn't worry constantly about needing to reapply sunscreen to my face. It also has an added bonus of keeping you cool so your sunscreen doesn't melt off your face to begin with! I might actually get a parasol this year... what do you thinK? A part of me thinks it's fun and practical- the other part of me is worried I'll look like a geisha.

  2. Oh Goodness!! I already have a floppy hat but now I want #2 as well. And I already have a fedora but now I want #11 too!

    Love. Beach. Accessories.

  3. Nice hats, thanks a lot for sharing these photos. The second one I like the most. I have something like this one.