May 23, 2011

ES Goes Beachy: Totes

Welcome to ES Beach Week!  This week's postings will feature all things beachy.  I am optimistically planning to post something new everyday so I can cover all of the essential beach items you will need this summer.  I myself will be heading to a week long beach trip with friends next week, so my shopping focus of late has been making sure I have all of the essentials.  Growing up near the beach has taught me the importance of having a proper beach tote.  Since days at the beach can be somewhat lengthy, you will need a bag that can handle more than just a towel and sunblock.  In addition to these items, my beach packing typically includes magazines, books, an ipod, snacks, drinks, cover ups and maybe even a ball (if my dad or boyfriend are involved).  Since my go-to straw beach bag has seen better days, I bought a canvas cream and black patterned tote at H&M last week (unfortunately I could not find a photo online).  I was thrilled with the purchase since it is not only large enough to carry all of my things, but it is so cute that I might just use it away from the sand too.   Since we all have our own beach style, I have picked a plethora of totes ranging from animal prints to the classic straw bag.  Additionally, a very fashion savvy male friend of mine gave me the idea to feature one bathing suit pick each day of beach week.  You can find these picks at the bottom of each post.  I hope you enjoy!

Edgy Totes:

Printed Totes:

Bright Totes:

Striped Totes:

Classic Totes:

  1. Big Buddha Santorini Tote - $47
  2. Big Buddha Malibu Tote - SALE $67.50
  3. Gap Hand-Knit Chain Tote -$79.95
  4. Michael Kors Marina North/South Tote - $178
  5. H&M Straw Bag - $39.95
  6. Nine West Isola Large Tote - $79
  7. Kate Spade Cabana Stripe Medium Raelin - $325
  8. J.Crew Dipped Sail Bag - $198
  9. Marc by Marc Preppy Straw Rosa Tote - $178
  10. J.Crew Stripe Farmer's Market Tote - $49.50
  11. Michael Stars Calypso Strip Tote - $85
  12. Urban Outfitters Kimchi Striped Straw Tote Bag - $39
  13. J.Crew Farmer's Market Tote - $49.50
  14. Target Beach Tote - $19.99
  15. Banana Republic Sequin Panel Tote - $59.50
ES Beach Week Bonus!  Daily Bathing Suit Picks:

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  1. What do u recommend for those high end pool clubs, country clubs etc ? CJK