May 16, 2011

Neon is the New Black (at least for now)

Warning: you may need sunglasses while viewing this post.  As I mentioned in Tuesday's "Crop it Up" segment, this season has brought us several trends from our earlier years (and in some cases, before our time).  Of course that is what makes fashion so intriguing and why it also often makes it difficult for us to part with the clothes we no longer wear.  The age old reasoning will always exist - "But maybe it will come back in style someday".  Realistically, could we ever have predicted that the neon color rage would have made the comeback that it did this spring?   Had I only kept my electric blue jeans from when I was 5, I would be all set.  My first glimpse of where this trend was headed was last winter when I read an InStyle article featuring neon everything.  Sure enough a few months later, every store carried some form of bright clothing left for us to wonder, "how can I make this work?".   I personally have participated minimally in this trend.  Not because I don't appreciate a bright green miniskirt, but because I am not convinced these colors will take me into next fall.  That being said, I do love walking into all of the stores right now and seeing the bursts of vibrant colors everywhere.  Below I have chosen a variety of bright pieces that can be incorporated into your own wardrobe.  Enjoy!


  1. I think every blogger wants that Zara blazer! hehe I'm loving the neon trend it is definitely helping me add some color to my black/gray wardrobe :)

  2. I especially love the bright accessories- I think they are a good compromise to having that fun burst of color without looking like you just came out of a DeLorean from the 80's... and you can use them more than one season which is a major plus