May 19, 2011

Samples and the City

This past weekend I went to DC to visit one of my oldest friends and meet her first child, a beautiful baby boy, Xavier.  She and I have spent every stage of life together, which makes it so fun to catch up and reminisce about the great memories we have shared.  During lunch on Saturday we began talking about how much we love and often miss our hometown, Erie, PA.  In talking we realized that while we wouldn't have traded anything for our small city upbringings, there are things we have a certain appreciation for now that we live in major cities.  These include new restaurant openings every week, beer in the grocery store (yes, PA still operates like the Quakers), a plethora of headliner concert and entertainment events, and of course having every clothing store, designer and boutique imaginable (all in walking distance mind you). Within the shopping realm, I have been particularly appreciative of NYC's amazing sample sales.  I will never forget when I moved here and was introduced to my first one (I believe it was for DVF).  The concept that top designers were not only willing to sell their current merchandise at a steep discount, but also share discounts on "samples" that weren't even in stores yet was like finding a small slice of my heaven on earth.  Over the years I have been to many of these sales, but last week I found too much success at the Rebecca Minkoff sale.  The selection was incredible (see pics from PurseBlog below) and the deals were up to 50% off the retail price.   I ended up leaving with 4 bags (2 are for gifts so don't judge!) and mentally moving Ms. Minkoff to the top of my list.  For those readers who live in NYC, I will be sure to mention any future upcoming sample sales worth checking out.  For those living elsewhere, I would love to hear about the things that you appreciate most in your city.

Source: PurseBlog

Source:  PurseBlog

Source: PurseBlog
A blurry snapshot of my purchases!

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  1. nice selections! looks like a great crossbody bag...sounds like something fun to do the next time i visit "the city" gak