June 15, 2011

Because ES Does Not Discriminate: Watches

I must reveal that according to Blogger stats, Empire Stiletto's first men's post currently has the second most page views of any other post.  I am not sure if that means a.) I have a lot of loyal male readers, b.) there are a lot of ladies who wanted to update their man's shoe collection, or c.) a little bit of both.  Either way, I am excited to share ES's second men's post.  With Father's Day around the corner, I thought it was a perfect reason to spend some time on the men's side of the store.  After buying my boyfriend a killer watch for Christmas, I now think it should be a requirement for every grown man to own some wrist candy.  That being said, I have devoted this month's feature to my favorite men's watch styles.  Believe it or not, in talking with several of my male friends, I have come to realize how picky men can be when it comes to their watches.  Therefore, as I did with the first men's post, I have categorized my watch picks to fit within a wide range of guy's styles preferences.  Don't feel segregated into one category though boys, it is perfectly acceptable to like multiple styles of watches.  And ladies, if you are anything like me, you might be tempted to purchase some of these for yourself.  Enjoy!

For the Guy Who Works in Finance, Wears a Suit to Work, and Wants to Talk About Both at Happy Hour:

  1. Burberry Classic Round Timepiece with Silver Dial - $395
  2. Breil Milano Stainless Steel Watch - $600
  3. D&G Time Carson Watch - $250
  4. Movado Musuem Classic Watch - $695
  5. Gucci G-Timeless Stainless Steel Watch - $1,850
  6. Emporio Armani White Rectangular Watch - $245
For the Guy Who Doesn't Want to Wear Anything that Shines, Glimmers, or Could Be Considered "Unisex":

  1. Marc by Marc Mr. Marc Henry Watch - $200
  2. Fossil Machine Watch - $115
  3. Fossil Deker Silicone Watch - $105
  4. Tag Heuer Formula 1 Grande Date With Rubber Strap Watch - $950
  5. Burberry 3-Eye Chrono Watch - $575
  6. TechnoMarine Cruise Sport Watch - $450
For the Guy Who Wouldn't Be Caught Dead in a Pair of Skinny Jeans:

  1. Victorinoz Swiss Army Infantry Vintage Watch $425
  2. Ted Baker Easy Reader - $75
  3. Timex Vintage Field Army Watch - $150
  4. Ted Baker Asymetrical - $135
  5. Kenneth Cole NY Auto Through - $150
  6. Frederique Constant "Runabout" Automatic Chronograph Watch - $2,995


  1. Love this post- great for gift ideas!

  2. I am a fan of the simple black leather strap with large face dial. Goes well with everything except sports of course. Also a nice stainless steel with different color faces are nice too.

  3. Style is important, but don't forget guys are interested in function and practicality too. Who is going to wear a $2000 watch while kayaking, biking or rock climbing? Timex and Casio make reasonably priced timepieces with multiple functions that won't leave you crying when they get smashed or fall off your wrist into the water. Also, alot of guys don't want a five lb weight on the wrist. Skagen specializes in moderately priced stylish timepieces that are extremely thin. Check them out.

  4. This has inspired me more than any other project I've seen.