June 19, 2011

Father's Day Special!

Happy Father's Day to all the stellar dads out there.  My dad is the best father a daughter can ask for; especially because he has survived living in a household with all women (to be fair, we did always allow him to get a boy dog).  Between my sister, my mom and me, we have taught him more than he could ever imagine about what girls love, hate and everything in between.  Throughout our lives he has always been involved with all of the activities that we did.  Whether it was helping coach our tee-ball teams, attending annual dance recitals, or sitting through 4+ hour swim meets, our dad was always there to support us.  Besides his family, my dad's other big passion in life is golf.  He didn't start to get interested in the sport until his mid-20s, but with his talent and love for the game, you would have thought he grew up on the golf course.  He has teased me that he would like ES to have a feature on golf attire.  Since a lot of the pros have actually made a name for themselves based on both their talent and personal style (Ian Poulter, below, has his own line of clothing) it turns out that golf is a pretty stylish sport.  This being said, I thought today was the perfect day to honor my dad's request and really show you just how funky golf attire can be.  Happy Father's Day dad!

Ian Poulter:

  1. Polo Golf Pro-Fit Pima Color-Block Polo - SALE $74.99
  2. Polo Golf Cotton Argyle V-Neck Sweater - SALE $159.99
  3. Puma Special Edition Orange Cell Fusion 2 Golf Shoes - $199
  4. Stubart Darren Clarke Hand Crafted Shoes - $299
  5. Loudmouth Golf Shorts - $75
  6. Puma Golf Pants - $80

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  1. Love the new look of ES, also very thoughtful comments for the fathers out there !! CJK