June 17, 2011

New Look at ES!

I have been itching to revamp ES's look (specifically the banner logo) and finally had a few free minutes to get creative.  My vision of the ES logo has always been some combination of streets, shoes, sidewalks, and symbols of NYC.  I initially wanted to take a photograph of shoes on my actual street, but then realized I will need a much higher tech camera to really capture the whole vision.  After doing some major image searching and lots of cropping, resizing, etc. I was able to create the current logo.  I also thought I would brighten the background up a bit to give the whole website a different vibe.  What do you think of the new look?  I would love to hear any feedback you have!


  1. its fantastic. simple, yet stylish.

  2. Thanks so much - that is exactly the look I was going for!