June 26, 2011

One Piece

While it's assumed you like most things you buy (we all have our regrets), there are certain pieces that you cannot help but favor more than others.  Whether it is the pair of jeans that hug your hips perfectly or the shirt that fits in all the right places, not all of our wardrobe is created equal.  Since I certainly play favorites, I wanted to bring this concept to ES.  Anytime I discover something that I fancy a little more than everything else in my closet, I will be entitling the post as "One Piece".  The frequency will vary on how often I find a new favorite, but I am hoping to make it a regular feature.  For my first One Piece post, I have selected a recent skirt purchase from H and M (pictured below).  The minute I tried it on, I knew I had to have it.  The vibrant coral orange color and extreme asymmetrical cut of the skirt makes it a perfect piece to wear on a hot summer night.  At the same time, there is just enough flounce to make it appropriate for daytime wear as well.  I plan to wear it to my upcoming trip home this weekend at either my friend's wedding rehearsal dinner or a 4th of July BBQ (see the versatility here!).  Have any favorites of your own?  Please share!

H & M - $39.50


  1. Love it!! Hoping to see it "on" at your "friends" rehearsal dinner! If you are tired of it by then...I'll buy it! LOL

  2. Wonderful skirt! :-) Would love you to stop by some time and check out my blog



  3. Thanks - I thought so too :) I will definitely check out your blog as well. Appreciate the feedback and support!