June 28, 2011

The Post College Gin Bucket

This past weekend my boyfriend's apartment threw their annual summer bbq party.  The weather was perfect and they had a great turnout of people, which of course makes all the planning, cleaning, etc. totally worth it.  Most people brought some sort of food dish or drink to share, which was much appreciated by all.  One of my favorite contributions was a fellow Penn Stater's brilliant idea to make a Gin Bucket for the party.  In case you are not familiar, Gin Bucket is a yummy drink made in a large "bucket" with Fresca, Gin, Limes, and Lemons.  It was very well known at Penn State but I think I was a little too busy tailgating (no judgements please) to realize how refreshing this drink actually is.  Additionally, when made in an aesthetically pleasing bucket, the drink looks so pretty .  With the lemons and limes floating a top, it is the perfect summer picnic cocktail.  Since 4th of July is right around the corner, I wanted to be sure and share this wonderful (and very easy) drink recipe for your upcoming barbeques.  I also included a few ideas for what to serve your Gin Bucket in.  Not a huge Gin Fan?  Substitute Vodka instead; the drink will still taste delicious.  Enjoy!

Gin Bucket Recipe:

1.75 Liters of Gin (can vary based on your guest list)
4 Liters of either Fresca or Sprite or Lemonade (your preference)
16 oz. of Lime Concentrate (optional)
2 Limes sliced
2 Lemons sliced
Lots of ice

Pretty Summer Glassware Ideas:

  1. Target Acrylic Clear Beverage Tub - $18
  2. Pottery Barn Glass Drink Dispenser - SALE $80.60
  3. Crate and Barrel Granada Glasses - $6.95 each
  4. Kosta Boda "Mine" Tumblers - $25 each
  5. Bubble Glass Tumblers - $28 for set of 6


  1. Great post - I loved gin buckets in college! I know you probably have a huge list of ideas for posts but I have 2 requests:
    1) What do you suggest for overnight/weekend bags? I need a new one but want something different than Vera Bradley. I like the size of the vera small/large duffel though.
    2) Commuting shoes! I walk a little over a mile to/from work and wear flip flops back and forth in the summer. Do you have any better ideas for commuting shoes?

    Thanks CK and keep the great work! :)

  2. Thanks so much! I actually have a travel bag post coming up (although I did have some Vera planned) and I added the "commute shoes" to the list! I really appreciate the feedback - keep it coming!

  3. Great post. Love you CK! From Meredith