June 9, 2011

Who Needs McDreamy When You Have McQueeny

After being away from the office for 10 straight days, the post-vacation work week tends to move a bit slower than normal.  Nonetheless, I have an exciting after-work event tomorrow evening that I have been looking forward to all week long.  I am FINALLY going to see the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Exhibit at The Met.  This highly acclaimed exhibit has been featured alongside rave reviews in every single one of my monthly reading publications and the anticipation to actually see it with my own eyes has been killing me.  I have several friends who have already visited and loved it, thus making my desire to go even stronger.  While I would love to put together a beautiful collage with all of McQueen's best (in my humble opinion) designs, I know it would take me far too many days/weeks/years to actually narrow them down.  Instead I decided to showcase a few sneak peak snapshots of the exhibit (courtesy of The Met blog and NY Mag's The Cut blog)  to show off some of McQueen's amazing creations that are being featured.  I am in love with the incredible platform shoes in the first image below - I certainly recognize that style from recently named "Style Icon of the Year", Lady Gaga.  For those of you who don't live in NYC, I highly recommend checking out the links above to see and learn more about this incredible designer.  For those of you that do have the opportunity to see this exhibit in person, put on your cultural thinking caps and GO! 

ES Note for Images: Gallery photography by The Photograph Studio, The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Yale University Press

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  1. Looks really cool ! Interesting pictures. CJK