July 25, 2011

Feverish Temperatures

Not that I don't appreciate warm weather, but last week's temperatures in NYC were almost unbearable.  Since all of the men at my job have to wear full suits in the heat, I realize I have no right to complain.  However, one particularly steamy day last week, my roommate and I were discussing how tough it can be to dress in this weather.  You essentially leave the house wearing the bare minimum but when you get to the office/coffee shop/etc the AC is blasting sub-zero temperatures and you are then freezing.  Since I know many of us face this dilemma, my roommate suggested warm-weather layering options as my next post topic (she's a smart one!).  Since wearing a wool sweater in July might be going a bit overboard, the key is to find a lightweight summer sweater that won't cause us to overheat on our walk to work and yet keep us warm in the chilly indoors.  Below I have picked 6 different pieces that are made of the lightest cottons and linens around.  Added Bonus:  Because these sweaters are not bulky, they can easily be transported in your day bag to have on hand whenever you start feeling a chill.  Enjoy!

  1.  Kain ALva Open-Knit Linen Blend Cardigan - $285
  2. Aubin and Wills Walmsley Cardigan - $64
  3. H and M Fine Knit Cardigan - $24.95  
  4. Acne/Lauren Cashmere Pullover - $165
  5. Vince Slate Melange Side Draped Light Sweater - $250
  6. Anthropologie Spring Shelter Cardigan - $88


  1. Ah, the look wonderfully snug and chic at the same time. I'm lusting after the warm citrus of the Anthropologie number!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    currently living in Purple Rain

  2. Love all these! I can't get enough of lightweight sweaters. I wear them year round.

    ♥ Gina Michele

  3. Thank you! I checked out both of your blogs and they are great!


  4. LOVE the picks- light weight enough to tote around in the summer, but fully functional when your workspace is the temperature of the Arctic ;)