August 16, 2011

Because ES Does Not Discrimate: The Murse

Sorry guys, I am way overdue on a men's post. I was inspired to do this topic a few weeks ago when my eyes were drawn to an AWESOME men's leather messenger bag on the train.  I immediately thought of both the classic Seinfeld episode - "it's not a purse, it's European"  and the movie, The Hangover, where Alan carries and then loses his ever important "satchel".  It definitely seems that the man-purse has always been a controversial topic amongst men.  As you can see from the collage below, I am a big fan of the always-classic messenger bag.  Whether it's a simple canvas over-flap or a detailed leather buckle style, I think the this kind of bag serves a real purpose for any guy.  You can throw your laptop, keys, wallet and all your other "personal items" in these bad boys and still look super manly.  Check out my picks below.  Please feel free to voice your opinion on Murses; who knows, maybe my next guy's topic will be featuring "the bro"...

  1. Jack Spade Computer Field: $195 
  2. Fossil Jackson Leather Messenger - $175
  3. Banana Republic Pure Leather Book Bag - $325  
  4. Ben Sherman Messenger Bag - $64
  5. Banana Republic Messenger Bag - $98
  6. Chapman Bags Messenger - $212 
  7. Marc by Marc Jacobs Chestnut - $425


  1. Loving bag #6, very cool. Classy and stylish, just my style :)

  2. we all NEED a messenger in our closets

    ...By the way I LOVE your Blog.
    Love Leslie

  3. Thanks so much Leslie - I wanted to comment on your blog but couldn't seem to find a place to do so - I love your collages! Please follow ES and like on FB.


  4. This is awesome!

    Yours Truly,

  5. my fave is the black bag from BR(#5)... classic. gak