August 29, 2011

Flood Pants Required

As most of you are aware, Hurricane Irene paid us East Coasters a nice little visit this past weekend.  While minimal damage was done to Manhattan, there was plenty of people in upstate NY, CT, and NJ who experienced or are still experiencing loss of power, flooding, and fallen debris.  Unfortunately my boyfriend's apartment in Hoboken, NJ happens to be on an unlucky block that completely flooded and eventually water streamed into his basement.  Luckily everyone in the apartment was super prepared and took their important belongings upstairs so no major harm was done.  While the city does seem a bit quieter today, for the most part it appears to be business as usual.  Since we were told to stay in our homes for most of the weekend, we definitely tried to make the most of it by watching movies, playing games, and making drink concoctions.  I admit I got a little stir crazy yesterday and was actually looking forward to heading into work today (weird, I know).  All in all thought the weekend was a nice break from the constant go go go routine.  Yesterday I took some pics of my boyfriend's block and happened to be outside when a group of guys floated by on their man-made float (made from a mattress and empty keg barrels).  Oh how some things will never change...



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  2. I think it was great that these boys decided to have a little fun from something so disastrous. It shows that life is fun, despite what happens, get up, move on, and have fun.
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