August 4, 2011

I Got to Thinking...

 Not to get all NYC girl cliche on you, but I must admit I will forever have a special place in my heart for Carrie Bradshaw.  And while some may disagree, she will always be a fashion icon in my world.  Throughout college, my girlfriends and I religiously watched the SATC episodes many times over, as if we had never seen them before.  This tendency still holds true with one of my current roommates and me, which is actually what inspired this post.  Last night while we were perusing my favorite fashion/gossip site, we came across a great review of a recent SJP outfit.  Almost simultaneously we both agreed that after Carrie Bradshaw fashioned a belt around her bare midriff and looked AMAZING, she could do no wrong.  I immediately Google searched the image (see right) to recall this inspiring outfit risk.  And while this episode was shot in the early 2000s era, I have to say, I still think it works.  I myself have been rocking the tied oxford look this summer and have also been loving the flouncy skirts, as mentioned here.  Regardless of your opinion, I think we can all agree that SJP as herself and as Carrie Bradshaw has taken some major fashion risks throughout her career.  It is because of this that we all have a little more appreciation for pink tutus.


  1. I LOVE SJP! She will always be a style icon for me! Great blog, following you now :)


    Fashion Fractions

  2. The Sex and the City book has a wide array of pictures with all her different outfits..great for fashion inspiration!