August 2, 2011

Missing the Bullseye

New York City is known to be one of the greatest shopping cities in America and perhaps even the world.  And while those of us who are lucky to live here have very few things to complain about (at least in terms of shopping) I officially have a complaint.  I miss Target.  Growing up and in college, Target was my mecca.  It was a place where I could pick up my groceries, affordable (and cute) home decor, books, DVDs and clothing all in one-stop.  As Target grew larger, their style kept improving and with each season they were drawing more and more of the fashion world in.  Soon enough well-known designers began creating their own affordable clothing lines for Target (look out for Missoni's Target Collection this fall).  So while it is no big surprise that Target offers great shopping, it is shocking that NYC is still missing this amazing store.  When I was visiting my boyfriend's family in Philadelphia this past weekend, I was so excited to go to Target.  Amongst several other random items, I picked up two new pieces of clothing that I think will become staples in my summer wardrobe.  I have pictured these items, along with the accessories I paired them with on Saturday night.  Enjoy!

     Target Exhila Cropped Tee; Mossimo Denim Bright Vintage; Vintage Necklace from Boyfriend's Grandma;
Michael Kors Oversized Watch; J.Crew Bracelets; Nine West Slide Wedges


  1. There's a Target on 118th St. that I hear is good! ES field trip?!

  2. As a bargain shopper I always love when ES puts affordable yet fashionable looks on her blog..cant go wrong with "Tarje"

  3. great picks!!! i'm desperate for a convenient location to open up here too.