August 24, 2011

Sweater Remedy

Last night as I was thinking about my outfit options for work today (yes, like a 1st grader I pick my clothes out the night before), I knew I wanted to wear something cozy.  With the refreshingly cooler weather in NYC this week, the feeling of fall is everywhere. I decided I would sport my new extra slouchy sweater that I purchased at Zara a few weeks ago.  The sweater is a chocolate brown color with a slight shimmer throughout the knit, which works great for both work and weekend wear.  I like to keep all of my sweaters folded in either a drawer or on a shelf in my wardrobe.  Since my storage/closet space is limited, these spaces can tend to become overstuffed at times.  Low and behold, when I went to pull out my new sweater (which was kept in a drawer), I immediately saw it had been caught on one of the drawer hinges and a large section of the sweater's front had been destroyed (see below "Before" photo).

My saving grace was that no actual holes were made but rather the yarn had been pulled very loosely from the stitch.  While I initially thought the sweater was ruined, for the sake of trying to salvage it, I began threading the loose yarn loops through to the inside of the sweater (see below picture)

I then took two loops apiece and tied them to one another (see below picture).  I noticed that this actually made the sweater look a lot better and decided to go with it to fix the rest of the damage.

 While the sweater is no where near as pretty as when I bought it, it is now at least wearable (see below "After" photo).  If you ever run into a similar dilemma, you can always try out this simple sweater remedy on your own.  And if it doesn't look perfect, there is always something to be said about a piece with a little character. 

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