August 18, 2011

Waking Up In Vegas...

Classic "Welcome to Vegas" sign

Today I am headed to Las Vegas for a good friend's bachelorette party.  I have never been so I am uber-excited for the trip.  The maid of honor has done a fab job in organizing different themes for each night, which include a sequin/glitter night, cowgirl night, and a "something you have worn to a wedding night".  Since the weather is supposed to be 110 degrees all weekend (literally) we will be spending our days at the pool lounging and sipping on frozen drinks.  I actually enjoy gambling (blackjack is my fav) so I am hoping to make a stop at a casino or two one of the nights.  I have always had certain ideas and images in my mind of what Vegas is like, so I thought I would share these with you today (some are more obvious than others). I will be back on Sunday for a new week of posting.  Enjoy!
Sparkly Louboutins

Kim Kardashian because she always seem to be there

Palms Resort (mainly because of B. Spears and Real World)

Bottles of Champagne Popping
Fountain at the Bellagio, thanks to Brad and George


  1. Funny that you posted a pic of Kim Kardashian because she always seems to be there...I went to Vegas a few weekends ago and she was there for her bachelorette party...she was staying in the same one point there was a ton of commotion and sure enough, Kim Kardashian and her camera crew were walking by...

    Yours Truly,