September 28, 2011

Studded Perfection

Sam Edelman Lorissa Peeptoe Pumps

As I mentioned here, I recently purchased a pair of studded suede heels.  I had been eying these bad boys up for awhile via online, so when I saw them in person I knew I couldn't resist.  While there are a few different variations, I chose to go with the black studs on black suede with a peep toe opening. I loved the look of the peep toe since I think it instantly makes anyone's foot look sexier.  Since the entire shoe is black, it still provides a funky sleekness that allows them to be worn not only to formal events, but also for a fun night out in skinny jeans.  The chunky studs covering the back of the foot and stiletto heel make these shoes a work of art.  Therefore, I couldn't resist taking multiple pictures to share.  If you do decide to purchase these or anything similar, I would give some warning to everyone around you.   These shoes are pretty to look at, but they can be a little dangerous (especially when dancing).  So goes the saying that "beauty is pain".   Enjoy!

September 26, 2011

Superhero Trends

As I have mentioned before, I really appreciate when friends, readers, etc ask me to post about specific topics.  That being said, in the midst of NY Fashion Week, a friend of mine was seeing coat capes everywhere and wanted to get in on the trend.  She asked me to do some research on this season's capes and I gladly accepted the request.  While I already own a cape myself (a lucky Target purchase from 2 years ago), I was excited to see what styles were out for fall.  She is most interested in a camel-colored cape (as camel can do no wrong) so I wanted to be sure to include that color option, as well as capes I felt brought something a little different to the table.  I of course love all of the picks below, but I found a particular affinity with #1, #4, and #9.  I love the tribal print on #1 and I will always be a fan of mixing different materials (in the case of #4 and #9, wool with leather detailing).   So whether you want to go with something more traditional like #8 or #12 or dress it up with #3, there is a cape out there for every occassion.  Added bonus - the cape sophisticates any outfit so no matter what you are wearing, you are guaranteed to look pulled together.  Cheers to wearing our comfiest pajama tees underneath (no one will ever know).  Enjoy!

  1.  Pendleton Reversible Wool and Cotton Cape - $359
  2.  ASOS Cotton Hooded Cape Trench - $54.89
  3.  Tahari Belle Capelet - $148
  4.  Cynthia Steffe Barry Cape - $525
  5.  Anthropologie This and That Cape - $278
  6.  ASOS Cape in Heritage Check - $146.36
  7.  Eileen Fisher Komono Flannel Cape - $318
  8.  H and M Cape - $199
  9.  Just Female Bow Detail Cape - $270.77
  10.  Lord and Taylor Merino Wool Zip Cape - SALE $149.99
  11.  Zara Knitted Cape - $129
  12. Calvin Klein Belted Cape - $148

September 23, 2011

Technical Difficulties

I come bearing news.  The good news is, I purchased a Mac computer this week, which I am absolutely loving.  The bad news is, between a crazy work week and my exclusive PC-only knowledge, I still have a lot to learn about my new toy.  I am researching to find the right program to make a great clothing collage (who knew I would ever miss the old-school microsoft Paint program) since I have a lot of upcoming post ideas to share.  I hope to make Sunday a learning day so that way I can get right back to my normal posting routine next week.  In the meantime, I wanted to share a few pictures I took this past weekend while at a wedding in Chagrin Falls, OH (near Cleveland).  The town is very New England-esque and is surrounded by adorable store fronts and gorgeous waterfalls.  Growing up in a city not too far from Chagrin, I really appreciated these surroundings.  Looking forward to sharing improved (hopefully) blog posts with everyone from this point on.

P.S. - If anyone has any Mac tips to share, ES is all ears!

September 19, 2011

Lucky Pleather Pants

As I mentioned in a previous post, I attended New York's Fashion's Night Out for the second year in a row.  While I thought nothing could top last year's up-close and personal SJP sighting, I am happy to report that I was wrong.  My friends and I spent the night exploring the festivities in Soho, making pit stops at a variety of boutiques to admire the Fashion Week displays and have a swig (or 5) of bubbly.  While our initial plan was to drop by Dash to get a peek of the beautiful dark haired reality stars, we quickly realized the mess of a crowd in the streets wasn't worth it.  We decided to head to the QVC party since Anna Wintour was rumored to be making an appearance.  We luckily arrived at the outdoor runway before word spread and slipped into front row spots for the remainder of the evening.  From that point on, we had a clear view of everyone from Heidi Klum to SJP and even the FNO creator herself, Anna Wintour.  Needless to say, the evening was certainly one that won't be forgotten.  While it wasn't perfect (I forgot my memory card for my camera and had to use my phone for the pics), it didn't matter.  As for my outfit (and the explanation for the title of this post), I wore the same pleather leggings that I wore to last year's event.  I felt they brought me some luck previously and they proved to be lucky again.  Considering I bought them 3 years ago at Target for $12.99, they are definitely are the leggings that keep on giving.  Hope you enjoy the pics!

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Champagne and Flowers at a Soho Boutique

Gorgeous Mulberry Bag

She knew how to work her wrist candy
We were in good company

SJP - 2nd year in a row!

Olivia Munn

Melania Trump

Kris Jenner

Julianne Hough

Isaac Mizrahi

Heidi Klum

Camila Alves

Dwayne Wade
George Kotsiopoulos from E! Fashion Police

September 15, 2011

Supply and Demand

After work today, I went shopping in search of dress options for the four upcoming fall weddings I have.  While the dress is of course an important part of the wedding guest attire, I always have felt that the shoes can make or break the outfit.  With this thought in mind, I decided I should at least sneak a peek at the shoe section in Bloomie's.  Low and behold, as I was coming down the escalator I spotted my new must have "fancy" shoe (pictured below).  The shoe is the Liese Metallic Peep Toe Ankle Boot, which is a part of Brian Atwood's B Brian Atwood collection.  Unfortunately for me (but fortunate for my wallet), there was only one pair left and it was no where close to my size.  Luckily I had a lot of other great options to move on to and I ended up purchasing a stellar pair of stud heeled, peep toe Sam Edelman's.  Since I am unsure if I have satisfied my wedding shoe craving, I will continue my search for these B Brian Atwood gems.  If anyone finds a pair in a size 7, please let me know (seriously).   I am off to a wedding this weekend but I am looking forward to sharing some pics of the Sam Edelman shoes next week!

B Brian Atwood Liese Metallic Peep Toe Booties

September 12, 2011

Back to Basics

All Tops are from Forever 21

Between busy work nights and weekend travels, I have not had much time to shop for new fall pieces.  However, while in Chicago over Labor Day weekend, my friend and I rewarded ourselves with some retail therapy after a sports filled day with the boys (no complaints!).   We ended up at Forever 21, where I found 4 fantastic pieces that work for every occasion in my life.  While I mentioned here that I am loving jewel tones for fall, I will never deny myself the basic black, white, and neutral pieces.  As I was waiting in line with my selections, I noticed how lovely all of the simple pieces looked together and decided it was post worthy.  While I didn't picture the 4th piece (a fantastic pair of olive-colored harem pants) in this post, I have a feeling they will pop up on ES soon...

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September 7, 2011

NYC Fashion Week

Tomorrow night is Fashion's Night Out here in NYC.  I went to the event last year and had a New York moment where I happened to be in the right place at the right time.  In our attempt to get into Bergdorf's big event (the line was absolutely insane) my friends and I decided to walk around to the back and see if there was another entry way.  While this "secret passage" for the public clearly did not exist, there was a small group of people waiting outside of an unmarked door where Nicole Richie and Kelly Rutherford had already been spotted (see pics below).  Word was spreading that SJP would also be arriving at this entry way and when a very nice bodyguard confirmed this rumor was true, we stayed put.  Needless to say, SJP showed up fashionably late and looked AHHMAZING.  I was able to snag a few pics of her, but my friend really got the gem (see last pic below).  While I certainly don't anticipate a repeat sighting of one of my favorite fashion icons, I am really looking forward to seeing what this year's Fashion's Night Out brings.  Don't worry, there will be pics to come!

Back doorway at Bergdorf's where everyone was waiting

Kelly Rutherford's signature bun

Fun game at The Plaza Hotel

Shot of SJP's classic blonde waves

Blurry shot of SJP getting out of the car

My friend's pic - she has natural paparazzi talent

September 5, 2011

One Piece: Spicy Blouse

Zara Blouse - $59.99

I hope everyone had an awesome Labor Day weekend!  I was off exploring the amazing city of Chicago, IL (the deep dish pizza absolutely lived up to expectations) and loved every minute of it.  I have always felt that after Labor Day the fall season officially begins.  While I am little behind in updating my fall wardrobe this year, about a month ago I purchased the pictured printed blouse from Zara.  The blouse's vibrant jewel tones make it a perfect transition piece for fall.  I have worn this both to work and on the weekend since it tucks nicely into a pencil skirt or can be worn as a tunic over leggings.  Added Bonus: the loose fitting cut of the shirt makes it extra comfy.  For Zara fans that don't have a store location in their city, I have good news - online shopping on begins September 7th!

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