September 12, 2011

Back to Basics

All Tops are from Forever 21

Between busy work nights and weekend travels, I have not had much time to shop for new fall pieces.  However, while in Chicago over Labor Day weekend, my friend and I rewarded ourselves with some retail therapy after a sports filled day with the boys (no complaints!).   We ended up at Forever 21, where I found 4 fantastic pieces that work for every occasion in my life.  While I mentioned here that I am loving jewel tones for fall, I will never deny myself the basic black, white, and neutral pieces.  As I was waiting in line with my selections, I noticed how lovely all of the simple pieces looked together and decided it was post worthy.  While I didn't picture the 4th piece (a fantastic pair of olive-colored harem pants) in this post, I have a feeling they will pop up on ES soon...

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  1. You're right - they do look wonderful all together! I feel the same way about fall's colors - fashion is is finicky... I never succumb to it entirely!

  2. Great photos, yes such great colours! xx

  3. Those are really cool photos of the shirts together!

    I am really liking the black and brown top! It looks so pretty!


  4. Thanks so much everyone - much appreciated! Please like the Empire Stilettos facebook page to get new post updates!