September 19, 2011

Lucky Pleather Pants

As I mentioned in a previous post, I attended New York's Fashion's Night Out for the second year in a row.  While I thought nothing could top last year's up-close and personal SJP sighting, I am happy to report that I was wrong.  My friends and I spent the night exploring the festivities in Soho, making pit stops at a variety of boutiques to admire the Fashion Week displays and have a swig (or 5) of bubbly.  While our initial plan was to drop by Dash to get a peek of the beautiful dark haired reality stars, we quickly realized the mess of a crowd in the streets wasn't worth it.  We decided to head to the QVC party since Anna Wintour was rumored to be making an appearance.  We luckily arrived at the outdoor runway before word spread and slipped into front row spots for the remainder of the evening.  From that point on, we had a clear view of everyone from Heidi Klum to SJP and even the FNO creator herself, Anna Wintour.  Needless to say, the evening was certainly one that won't be forgotten.  While it wasn't perfect (I forgot my memory card for my camera and had to use my phone for the pics), it didn't matter.  As for my outfit (and the explanation for the title of this post), I wore the same pleather leggings that I wore to last year's event.  I felt they brought me some luck previously and they proved to be lucky again.  Considering I bought them 3 years ago at Target for $12.99, they are definitely are the leggings that keep on giving.  Hope you enjoy the pics!

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Champagne and Flowers at a Soho Boutique

Gorgeous Mulberry Bag

She knew how to work her wrist candy
We were in good company

SJP - 2nd year in a row!

Olivia Munn

Melania Trump

Kris Jenner

Julianne Hough

Isaac Mizrahi

Heidi Klum

Camila Alves

Dwayne Wade
George Kotsiopoulos from E! Fashion Police


  1. I'm extremely jealous you got to do FNO in NYC.

  2. This is pretty awesome! Love the Mulberry bag, I've been wanting one for quite some time now!!

  3. Wow, how fun - it looks like you had a great time! I really want to go next year.

    x. jill
    those ghosts

  4. Love your post, it's so chic! Such a pretty pretty blog!
    Follow each other? :)


  5. Nice pics!