September 7, 2011

NYC Fashion Week

Tomorrow night is Fashion's Night Out here in NYC.  I went to the event last year and had a New York moment where I happened to be in the right place at the right time.  In our attempt to get into Bergdorf's big event (the line was absolutely insane) my friends and I decided to walk around to the back and see if there was another entry way.  While this "secret passage" for the public clearly did not exist, there was a small group of people waiting outside of an unmarked door where Nicole Richie and Kelly Rutherford had already been spotted (see pics below).  Word was spreading that SJP would also be arriving at this entry way and when a very nice bodyguard confirmed this rumor was true, we stayed put.  Needless to say, SJP showed up fashionably late and looked AHHMAZING.  I was able to snag a few pics of her, but my friend really got the gem (see last pic below).  While I certainly don't anticipate a repeat sighting of one of my favorite fashion icons, I am really looking forward to seeing what this year's Fashion's Night Out brings.  Don't worry, there will be pics to come!

Back doorway at Bergdorf's where everyone was waiting

Kelly Rutherford's signature bun

Fun game at The Plaza Hotel

Shot of SJP's classic blonde waves

Blurry shot of SJP getting out of the car

My friend's pic - she has natural paparazzi talent


  1. so cool that you got to see her last year!

  2. I love her jacket! It is so cool!

    Yours Truly,