September 15, 2011

Supply and Demand

After work today, I went shopping in search of dress options for the four upcoming fall weddings I have.  While the dress is of course an important part of the wedding guest attire, I always have felt that the shoes can make or break the outfit.  With this thought in mind, I decided I should at least sneak a peek at the shoe section in Bloomie's.  Low and behold, as I was coming down the escalator I spotted my new must have "fancy" shoe (pictured below).  The shoe is the Liese Metallic Peep Toe Ankle Boot, which is a part of Brian Atwood's B Brian Atwood collection.  Unfortunately for me (but fortunate for my wallet), there was only one pair left and it was no where close to my size.  Luckily I had a lot of other great options to move on to and I ended up purchasing a stellar pair of stud heeled, peep toe Sam Edelman's.  Since I am unsure if I have satisfied my wedding shoe craving, I will continue my search for these B Brian Atwood gems.  If anyone finds a pair in a size 7, please let me know (seriously).   I am off to a wedding this weekend but I am looking forward to sharing some pics of the Sam Edelman shoes next week!

B Brian Atwood Liese Metallic Peep Toe Booties


  1. These are gorgeous!! Stud heels sound pretty amazing too. :)


  2. wow!!! the most gorgeous shoes ever!?

  3. Omg. I die. BEAUTIFUL shoes!

  4. Thanks to all the nice comments - I couldn't agree more. I just found out they have my size at Saks so I think I may need to make the purchase!


  5. So in love with these!!!!!

    Xo Ashleigh

  6. Love these! If someone lets you know they found a 7 let me know! I want them, too :)

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