October 28, 2011

Fall Favorites

As I mentioned here,  I have been searching for a better collage program for my outfit posts.  I was on the verge of purchasing Photoshop (which of course I would then need to figure out how to use) until a friend reminded me about the clothing website, Polyvore.  She had sent me a great suggestion for an upcoming holiday post idea (more to come on that later) and mentioned that I could use Polyvore's collage program for the post.  While I had discovered the site about a year ago, I could not figure out how to sign up for it at the time.  Seeing how easy it was on the second go around,  I am actually kind of embarrassed I had to admit that...

ANYWAYS, now that I do know how to use Polyvore I am absolutely OBSESSED.  It is not only going to save so much time creating outfit collage posts, but it offers such an amazing selection of must-have pieces.  From gorgeous outerwear to stunning shoes, hundreds upon hundreds of outfits can be created.  Additionally if something you want to include is not on Polyvore, you can import it from the site you found it on.  While the below collage was definitely a "test run" to play around on the site, I thought it was a great way to showcase a versatile fall outfit.  I started with neutral accessories and skinnies that can be paired with a wide variety of sweater styles.  All of these pieces shown can be worn on their own or under the amazing printed cape, which has the "grandpa sweater" look I am obsessed with this season.  The selected jeans are an absolute steal and look killer with all the Zara sheepskin ankle booties for fall.  Since the earrings are muted colors, I would probably add some leather and gold wrist candy to this look to jazz it up a little (especially at night).  As always you can find where to purchase these pieces at the below links. Enjoy!


  1. Hey Caitlin~ Your blog looks **AMAZING**! I *must* have that Zara bag!!!!!!!!!!
    ♥Megan K.

  2. Thanks so much Megan! I love the bag as well - you can order Zara online now so you should definitely treat yourself!


  3. LOVE the orange P&J sweater... making me crave a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte right now :-)

  4. Love both these combos! They just scream autumn :)

    -Laura xx