October 24, 2011

Charitable Trends

Gold Metallic Woven Toms - $54

While I try my darndest to stay ahead (or at least in line) with trends, I certainly have been late to join the game on more than one occasion.  A very recent "miss" of mine was realizing the awesomeness that is Toms shoes.  I started hearing about and seeing Toms a little over a year ago when a few friends of mine wore them as their "weekend day shoe".  While I thought they were cute, I already had a pair of gold Sperry's along with several ballet flat options and therefore didn't think Toms would fit into my life (or my closet).  It eventually turned into boot season, which at that point seemed silly to purchase canvas shoes.  Then in April the sun came back out and by Cinco de Mayo I knew I needed a pair of Toms.  However, throughout the summer I kept searching for the perfect print (there are so many great options to choose from), thus continuing the delay in purchase.  Soon enough a full year had passed and I still had not made my Toms purchase.  Lucky for me, during my trip to Wisconsin, we had several hours to waste in the small town of Eagle River.  We stumbled upon a specialty clothing store, which happened to carry every type of Toms you could imagine.  I tried on a few different metallic varieties and ended up landing on the gold metallic version (pictured above).  I was so excited that I wore them home on the plane and pretty much haven't taken them off since.  Not only are these the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned (seriously, like walking slippers) but every purchase of Toms shoes donates a pair of shoes to a child in need.  I wore them this past weekend while walking the Brooklyn Bridge and decided to snap a quick picture with all the cars buzzing below me.  If you want to learn more about the charity and/or browse the different styles, you can check them out here.  Rumor has it they have eyewear now too - maybe I can get ahead of the trend on this one.



  1. Love the glitter Tom's. I like how the store donates to charity.


  2. They not only look trendy but comfortable as well. I'll definitely take a look.

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  3. Thank you so much! I took a look at your blog and it is just lovely. Please come back and visit again!


  4. gorgeous toms! and for such a good cause too :) love your skinnies and how you cuffed it at the bottom :)
    love kat

  5. LOVE. Its pretty insane how popular Toms have become, especially with weddings.