October 16, 2011

A Touch of Leopard

My sister was always the leopard girl.  Whether it was her adorable little ballet flats or a picture frame in her room, she always had something leopard in her life.  I on the other hand always admired her love for leopard but never got as excited about the print.  Now, 20 some years later, I am finally catching on to my sister's trendsetting pattern.  I cannot get enough of all of the stylish leopard flats that are out this fall so I am obviously on the hunt for the perfect pair.  While I have been loving all of the smoker shoe styles (like #1 and #4), there is something so stylish about a simple classic leopard ballet flat (like #5).  The gold-toe Betsey Johnson's (#3) are unique and in polling a few friends the Topshop loafers (#2) have been the fan favorite.  I will most likely get a pair sometime this week so I have narrowed it down to the 5 options below.   Which are your favorites?


  1. Love the Betsey Johnsons with the metallic toe!

  2. Ah, the hunt for the perfect leopard loafer made easy. Great post! I love the Steve Madden ones!
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  3. I like the Betsey Johnson pair because they are different but not too over the top. I actually dislike the style of #1 and #4- too cheesy. Then again sometimes these things look better on..

  4. I like #4 steve maddens. I would wear those. Fun post.

  5. loving the leopard!!