October 11, 2011

Wisconsin Autumn

I spent the past weekend in Eagle River, WI at a rustic fall wedding celebrating a close friend I met during my Pittsburgh days.  While I had only ever been to Madison, WI previously, I was excited to see a much more woodsy area of the state.  Eagle River could not be more opposite of NYC (i.e the the population alone is only 1,512, which is equivalent to the amount of people who work on 4 floors in my office building).  While I can't say that I would be content living in a town this size all year round, it was an incredibly refreshing and relaxing break from everyday life.  Thankfully for my friend, the weather was absolutely perfect with highs in the mid 70s each day.  Since we stayed at the lodge where the wedding was held, I couldn't help but take some pictures of our gorgeous surroundings.  Between the vibrant foliage and beautiful lake, the photo opportunities were limitless.  Not to mention that every restaurant, bar, and store in town was like entering a 1950s time warp, also making for some fantastic snapshots.  While I unfortunately don't have any great images of cheese curds to share, I was able to capture a picture of Wisconsin's finest ice cream creation, Superhero, as well as a classic cheesehead wine stopper (see last 2 images below).  The best part is, both of these items cost under $2.00.  All hail the midwest - enjoy!


  1. Beautiful photos lady!! What a pretty place.

  2. Beautiful photos, we had one of those Hamilton Beach mixers at WD !! CK