November 30, 2011

ES Doesn't Discriminate: New Store Kicks

I am beyond overdue on a men's post so I apologize to all my male readers.  I decided to take a little bit of a different angle with this post and focus on a single store, Zara.  While this happens to be one of my favorite stores, it is certainly not somewhere I thought to shop for my boyfriend too.  This being said, I began working on a post for guy's winters shoes (per a friend's requests) and decided to check out Zara.  After 5 minutes of perusing, I realized I didn't need to go any further.  Zara offers every type of shoe there is for men.  From funky velcro sneaks to the classic oxford with a twist, this is a serious one stop shoe shop for guys.  I selected a few of my favorites below, most of which are perfect winter options.  Who knew fur lined shoes could look so manly?  All the links to the shoe selects are below.  Enjoy boys!
All Shoes from Zara: 1. Vintage Brogues; 2. Blucher; 3. Winter Sneaker; 4. Urban Ankle Boot; 5. Ankle Boot with Brushed Cap Toe; 6. Welly Boot; 7. Herringbone Shoe; 8. Urban Blucher


  1. hey girl!
    i had one girl input her info in the secret
    santa twice =D so i have a spot for you!
    please please email me so i can send you
    the info As soon as possible !


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