November 11, 2011

Tough Cuffs

Coach Joe Paterno, Photo Credit: Sun Journal

I don't want to use my blog as a place to express my opinions about the recent allegations at my beloved Alma Mater, Penn State.  I think the one thing that everyone has agreed upon in this awful situation is the true tragedy in all of this is the terrible and unspeakable actions that were taken upon innocent children.  I have full confidence in my school and in the legal system that those that were in the wrong will be punished accordingly.  And yes, it was a sad day for many of us Staters to learn that our beloved coach of 46 years was being terminated on someone else's watch, but I personally still want to remember him for all of the positive actions he did make during his time at Penn State.  While Joe Pa has so many memorable characteristics and traits, my absolute favorite is his cuffed pants.  He has been rolling these bad boys up since the 1960s because his wife (aka Sue Pa) would get upset when mud would get on his then wool slacks.  This trademark style stuck as a part of Joe Pa's uniform and truly will never be forgotten in my eyes.  Coincidentally, cuffed pants have been all the rage this past year. Was Joe Pa a trendsetter ahead of his time?  Absolutely.  And when I am at the game this weekend, I will not only cuff my pants because it looks cute, I will do it for Joe Pa.

Let's go State.


  1. Amazing post ES! Can't wait to have your positive spirit in State College this weekend !

  2. love how your wrote this. not good what he did but he is def. respected as a coach

    love kat