December 8, 2011

Black and Gold Obsessions

Morgan Hobo

I have always been a Marc Jacobs kind of girl.  It was love at first sight for me when I discovered the classic "Q" bag line and its' chunky gold hardware accents on his signature buttery soft leather.  And while my love of MJ will never go away, there is certainly room for a new man in my life; his name is Alexander Wang.  I have seen this brilliant designer's bags on the arms, shoulders, and across bodies of women all over NYC and I can't contain my love for these gems any longer.  This brings my addiction to black and gold handbags to a whole new level.  With the thick supple leather and gold spiked bottoms, these purses are more than just gorgeous, they are breathtaking.  While the price tag is steep ($900+), I am hoping that a miraculous post-holiday sale will put these bad boys on the sale rack.  But for now, a girl can always dream...

Black Rocco with Pale Gold Hardware

Black Emile with Rose Gold Hardware

Black Millie with Antique Brass Hardware


  1. Hottness, these bags are fantastic!!

  2. Oh I love these! I love love love Alexander Wang!

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beautiful jewelry!!

  4. I love Alexander Wang too! Check out my blog :)

  5. love the post. i'm the exact same way...can't get enough of black and gold in my wardrobe.

  6. The classic black color can be easily diluted with the various elements. Such details add some elegance. They make the thing more original.

  7. That is like a real heaven for every woman to have a great choice and choose the things that you like.

  8. I am obsessed with these bags. To be honest, I always choose fashionable clothes and accessories, in order to look nice.