December 16, 2011

Holiday Hands

Essie "As Gold As it Gets", OPI "Big Apple Red", Rimmel Nail Art in Gold

In light of my holiday mood these days (I have been listening to the Mariah Carey Holiday Station on Pandora all week long), I wanted to do something festive with my nails.  While perusing an amazing nail polish blog, called Steffel's, I came across a very creative way to spice up a red manicure with one coat of glitter polish sandwiched between two coats of red polish (the post can be found here).  I loved the look it created since it was much more bold than your typical shimmer red polish.  I decided to put my own twist on this concept and add in a statement nail with a little gold shimmer.  I was pretty pleased with how the manicure came out but I think next week in preparation for Christmas Eve I might try an even chunkier glitter polish in silver to kick it up one more notch.

Step 1: 1 Coat of Your Favorite Red
Step 2: 1 Coat of Glitter Polish
Step 3:  Second Coat of Red
Step 4 (optional):  Make a statement nail by dotting nail art polish on tip of nail


  1. I did this to my nails last night!

  2. We can improve our festive mood with the bright nails. We should add a little bit of shine to get such a stunning and unusual manicure.

  3. I like your nails and the red enamel is really great for me because it's my favourite colour.

  4. I also love this color. However, would not it be better if you make your nails a bit longer, just because they are too short.

  5. Really, the colour is very attractive. Thank you and share more outfits.