January 4, 2012

Gone Skiing

Black Sweater; White Sweater:  H and M; Grey Sweater: J.Crew

While I haven't actually hit the slopes since the 8th grade, my growing collection of ski patterned sweaters would tell you otherwise.   In evaluating this observation, I realized that every winter season I tend to go on a sweater buying binge.  Last year's theme was cozy sweater jackets, the year before was sleek sweater dresses, and this year has been established as ski sweaters.  I am certainly not complaining (I scored the above black piece for $10 at H and M), but I am willing to admit my habitual shopping patterns.  To justify this season's obsession, each of these sweaters serves a slightly different purpose.  The black sweater is a cropped soft piece that will be perfect for loungey weekends, whereas the white version is a sweater dress that could be worn with my favorite skinnies or leggings.  The grey sweater is much thinner than the other two and therefore will be perfect for laying under warm winter wear.   Do you have any shopping patterns to share?

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  1. Did you get a mannequin for Christmas?!?!?

  2. Love these sweaters!! Black and white are so classic! Check out my guest blogger post today if you get a chance!! Im officially following you!!


  3. Those are super cute! I'd wear them and I'm not even a skiier ;)

    xo Jennifer


  4. I love these sweaters! Very nice blog!


  5. Great taste and style! check out mine and share your comments please!