January 29, 2012

Is That My Wine?

A few weeks ago, I hosted some girlfriends for an arts and crafts night.  My inspiration was getting a kick start on the many DIY project ideas I had building up on my pin boards.  When I first joined Pinterest this summer, I fell in love with all of the different chalkboard ideas.  I saw chalkboard mirrors, chalkboard frames, and full on chalkboard glasses.  My favorite idea was chalkboard painted wine stems, which came from the blog, Just Short of Crazy.  I loved the idea of personalizing your guest's glass without having to use any sort of charm or accessory. 

The actual project is very simple, which is why it was the perfect one to cross off my list first.  Besides the wine glasses, you will need to pick up either chalkboard paint or chalkboard spray, newspaper or cardboard pieces, parchment paper, and some sort of masking or electrical tape.  I ended up purchasing both chalkboard paint options but since the spray paint fumes might not smell so great in my little NY apartment, I decided to go with the paint version for this project.  Below I have listed the step by step process on how I created this easy craft.  While I love these for myself, I think they are great gift options too!

Step 1:  Wrap stems with tape

Step 2:  Dip bottoms of glass into chalkboard paint, letting as much of the excess paint drip off as possible.
Then place on parchment paper with bottoms down, moving the glass around frequently for the first few minutes

Step 3:  After an hour or so, flip the glasses over to ensure the bottom is completely dry

Step 4:  Ready to use!  Write your friends' names on the glasses to make sure there are no vino mix ups


  1. Great idea! I've seen the wine glass tags but this is so much more creative!

    Come drop by my blog at Tulips&Tulle!

  2. I really like the way these turned out! Much more fun than a typical wine glass tag...Love it!

  3. LOVE this! I can't wait to make myself a set!

  4. These would be perfect for a wine tasting party! Love the idea lady!


  5. Such a great idea...and I spy a glass with my name on it!!

  6. Super great idea! I need to do the same!


  7. I see shug was having wine with the girls ! CJK