January 31, 2012

Metal Fingertips

Nail Rings
Clockwise from top left:  Asos Knuckle Nail Ring; GoJane Embellished Nail Ring; Club Manhattan Nail Ring; Bijules Short Nail Ring; Alynne Lavigne Horseshoe Nail Ring

I am really feeling nail rings these days.  Not only do they remind me of my beloved Gaga, but they truly are the new "statement nail".  What I love most about these little accessories is that they can be super understated (such as the two on the far left) or a bit more extreme (i.e. one in middle top row).  Once I saw them on my favorite blogger's site, Cupcakes and Cashmere, I knew I had to have one.  Since the one she featured was a too pricey for my liking ($170), I decided to do a little research and find some more affordable options.  The last one is literally a ring made from a nail, which I thought was equally as cool.  What are your thoughts on this statement nail option?


  1. i also saw that post and was intrigued. love your selections

    love kelly


  2. great post! i loved emily's nail ring also but noticed is super expensive!

  3. Live & Die for all of them.

    Check out our blog and do some shopping!
    xx Julie xx

  4. wow these are awesome! i love the top right and bottom left

    i love your blog so much, i just recently started my own blog and would love to hear feedback and comments about it! thanks so much for your inspiration and dedication to your blog


  5. Love these! I'm trying to find some, but not a lot of stores are offering them (yet) :)