March 16, 2012

Closet Shopping

 As I mentioned in this post, I have banned myself from shopping until Easter (22 days and counting!).  While this has been lovely for my wallet, it has also opened my eyes to so many pieces that were already hanging in my closet.  I have rediscovered everything from classic sheer shirts to broken in jeans and my favorite, long lost jewels.  I have owned these rings (pictured above) since middle school and essentially wore them until college.  I had stopped wearing them because I went through a phase of sporting large cocktail rings, but I've realized how much I missed the look of simple thin rings.  While I would love to add to my collection of dainty rings, I am actually very content with the rings I already owned.  Each ring has it's own special story (the dolphin ring represents my love of the beach and dolphins, the amethyst ring is both mine and my grandma's birthstone and was a gift from her, and the monogrammed "c" ring was a special gift from my parents).  Do you ever re-discover special pieces in your closet?  xx


  1. Love this post ! I'm inspired to go through my Jewlery box and find my birthstone emerald ring !

  2. I so love this idea, I should definitely try it - not to shop for at least one month should make such a difference...I'm sure I would discover many hidden treasures in my closet! And these rings are so gorgeous, I love them all!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls