March 3, 2012

Favorite Space

Before I head off to New Orleans for the half marathon race, I wanted to share one more post update on the things that I am currently loving in our new apartment.  For my birthday, my boyfriend bought me a beautiful new dress form that is almost too pretty to cover up with clothes.  Since our new apartment has a good sized living room (for NYC standards), I wanted to incorporate the dress form into our decor.  We were lucky enough to find a place with a lot of character, so the brick wall backdrop has been the perfect contrast for the mannequin display.  The dress form is placed next to one of our windows, which happens to also have a small view of the Freedom Tower that is being built downtown.  It is truly my favorite spot in the entire apartment.  Below are a few pictures I wanted to share.  xx

Currently on display:  Vintage Turbans

View of Freedom Tower

Fire escape stairs that bring more character to the room

Vintage chandeliers in our hallway


  1. My cousin and sister were just down there for the marathon. Actually a bunch of people that I know went. I live in north Louisiana so it isn't too far for us. :)


  2. These pictures are really gorgeous.You captured everything so beautifully, what a great view!