March 11, 2012

Flea Finds

The Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene.  The location changes to an outdoor space in Williamsburg come April

This past weekend was a perfect mix of plans each night with the days wide open.  We took full advantage of this by checking out the Brooklyn Flea Market on Saturday afternoon.  I was overwhelmed with the fantastic selection ranging from vintage caged light bulbs to floor to ceiling tin framed mirrors.  It was a blessing in disguise that we had to take a subway back to the city because I literally could have purchased everything in sight.  Since my purse (and my boyfriend) could only carry so much, we found some smaller items for the apartment (plus the best pickles and bloody mary mix you will ever have).  One of my favorite finds is a gold vintage mirror, which got me one step closer to finishing my "wall of mirrors" project.  If you ever have the time to check out the Brooklyn Flea, I highly recommend! xx

Vintage Fans that I am still pining over!

Gorgeous gold headboard to make your bedroom extra fancy

Grey and cream coral pieces

Incredible hot dogs found amongst other delicious food in the downstairs level

Gold vintage mirror tray to add to my growing mirror collection

Seafoam mini ladder to be used as a side table in the living room

Large lightbulb for bookshelf decor 

Best pickles I have ever had (I am a sucker for Bloody Mary mix too)


  1. Looks great!

  2. These are awesome pictures! Lots of feeling in them.
    I love love LOVE flea markets and teeny little stores. They're great for photos and they're also great for re connecting with something outSIDE of the mass commercial spaces where we usually buy things :p
    *Or at least where I do because that's all I'm surrounded by*
    And pickles- YUMMY! Getting a craving now *slinks off to find pickles*

  3. ahh, this post kills me. I LOVE the Brooklyn Flea. It's the #1 thing that I miss about not living in NY anymore. Must get back soon!

  4. LOVE these photos, such wonderful vintage pieces!

    Be Frassy

  5. Loove Brokllyn Flea! I applied to sell my cards there, but they are defininitely more vintage focuses... get findings :)

    BTW just discovered your blog... love it!

    Pounou from

  6. Yuuum, I love street hotdogs. The ones that's bacon-wrapped with guacomole and salsa is just divine! I've only had LA hotdogs but when I go to NY, I'll definitely be having some ^^

  7. love the frames! follow each other??

    kisskiss from italy

  8. Hey Caitlin: Love your Brooklyn flea market blog and photos. so cool. Have you every been to the Hell's Kitchen Flea market, held on Saturday's? I'm coming for a visit in April and was thinking about checking it out. I love your pinboards too. I'm so addicted to's scary!. Hope you are doing well, Honey.
    Katie D.