March 9, 2012

Spring Wish List

1. Colorful Sheer Shirts  2. Dupatta in Silver  3. Emilio Pucci Cuff  4. Aztec Beaded Clutch  5. River Islan Suede Fringe Clutch  6. Elizabeth and James Sandal  7. Rings: Thin Gold by Bird, Gold with Turquoise, Gold with Onyx  8. Proenza Shouler Sandals  9. Mulberry Cross Body Bag  10. Madewell Fedora  11. Obakki Pleated Skirt

I don't think I have mentioned yet on ES that for the 40 days of Lent, I chose to give up shopping (clothing, accessories and shoes).  While it has been a little over 2 weeks and I am going strong, the amount of fashion magazines, e-mails, and people I see daily really has made this tough for me.  As a way to satisfy my shopping craving, I decided to make a "spring wish list collage" to capture all of the things I would be buying right now.  Lucky for me, I had already picked up a very similar gold accordion skirt (pictured above) before Lent began, so I can thankfully check that one off the list.  As you can tell, I am loving colorful pieces mixed in with neutrals for spring.  I used the gold skirt as inspiration for this collage, picking a wide variety of pieces that could easily be paired with it.  Which option is your favorite? xx

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  1. love the green bag! x