April 16, 2012

Old School

Archie Grand Notebook

I have always been a sucker for quirky office items.  While I don't have much room for a work space in our apartment, I still appreciate the few things I can buy.  I had seen the adorable Archie Grand "I Met and Liked" notebooks before, but always seemed to pass over them when it came to purchase time.  However this past weekend I had a few minutes to peruse the boutiques in Rehoboth Beach, DE and found these lovely notebooks on mega sale.  While I typically create different idea notepads on my phone, I realized there is something much more personal in having an old-school "idea book" on hand.  I decided to go with the "Fashionistas I Met and Liked" option to make it extra appropriate for my ES brainstorming thoughts.  Which Archie Grand notebook is your favorite?  xx


  1. I love the good old fashioned mole skins.

  2. cute notebook! i love quirky office items, too :)


  3. I adore this book and this post! Thank you so much for sharing love!
    It would mean the world to me, if you'd check out my latest post!

  4. The Archie Grand notebooks are so cute! I love the "Blogs I Read and Liked" one I saw at J. Crew, but when I went back for it, they were sold out!