May 13, 2012

Sweater Holes

Sweaters: Anemone Boutique; Topin Hamptons Pullover

The past few weeks have been a non-stop shopping spree to update my spring and summer wardrobe.  Because of this, the next few posts will be dedicated to the purchases I have recently made.   My first feature will be on my newfound love of mesh or crochet sweaters this season.  This type of piece is a great investment because it can be used for every warm-weather occasion.  Whether it's as a cozy cover-up for late afternoons on the beach or dressed up with a pleated mini, it works every time.  I wanted to be sure I had both a neutral and colorful option since I think both of these pieces could extend into fall.  I wanted the photos to portray the intricate knitting details of the sweaters, while also letting some sunshine through.  xx


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  2. Yes! I too am in love with knit mesh sweaters! Bought one at James Perse a few weeks ago and have worn it to death! The only draw back is it tends to stretch out a little so has to be washed and blocked back into shape... I have an Isabel Marant Etoile mesh sweater from last summer that does the same...

  3. i'm loving knits!