June 18, 2012

Little Black Classic

Aaaaand we are back!  Sorry for the lack of posting but I promise I have been putting together some great things to share.  Last week, I went to Karl Lagerfeld's "Little Black Jacket" exhibit and was completely blown away.  The space consisted of 113 photos of various artists, models, actors, muses and even a nun wearing Chanel's very famous Little Black Jacket.  All of the photographs were taken by Karl Lagerfeld (naturally) and each one portrayed the jacket in a different fashion.  Due to minimal PR, I was actually told about the exhibit from a friend who works within the industry.  The lack of publicity did however make the space very easy to navigate through.  As you can tell from this post, there were also no limitations on photographs, which I certainly took advantage of.  Unfortunately the exhibit has already moved onto the next city (Taipei) and will end its city tour in Paris in the fall.  It is here that the book this event is based on will be released to the public for sale.  For more details on this fantastic work of art, you can visit the website here.  Enjoy!

Alexa Chung

Anna Wintour

Kanye West

Display of The Little Black Jacket books (such a tease!)

Elizabeth Olsen and Elle Fanning


Karl Lagerfeld

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