September 20, 2012

An ES Moment

Last week ended on a high note for me.  My favorite blogger (and one of my inspirations for starting ES), Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere was in town for NY Fashion Week.  To wrap up her week, she hosted her first book signing at Bloomingdales.  I was determined to go to the event since I already had the book (thanks Britty!) and I of course wanted to see just how lovely Emily was in person.  I arrived at Bloomingdales later than anticipated and was initially told that the line was already too long and they were no longer letting people in.  Since I had already made the trek uptown, I wasn't going to give up that easily.  The event was hosted by Estee Lauder so I decided to take hang around and take advantage of the free makeovers (and cupcakes).  With a fresh face of makeup on, I wanted to take one more shot at sweet talking my way in (I guess that's why I am in sales!).  My plan worked and I was quietly let in at the end of the line, where I met two other girls who also had the same idea.  Seeing the amazing turn out and the entire Estee Lauder section featuring "Emily's Picks" reminded me of how successful Emily has become.  It is so inspiring to watch other bloggers turn into business moguls and really make a name for themselves.  Meeting the face behind my favorite blog and having a reminder every time I look at her book was truly a NY moment for me.  Who inspires you?  xx

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