November 29, 2012

Touch-Up Time

As I have mentioned here, I have really tried to step up my make-up game this past year.  While I have built up a pretty good collection for my standard morning routine at home, I didn't have much to offer in the "touch-up" department.  Since my job often entails post-work events, I realized it was pretty necessary that I have small makeup bag on hand at all times.  After many trips to Sephora and some testing of co-workers' and friends products', I have found that the pictured items work best for me.  As you will see in the description below, none of these products require a brush, which means I can easily apply them no matter where I am (i.e. standing on the subway)!

1.  Benefit Watt's Up Highlighter - works great to show off cheek bones or highlight around the brow bone.  Also has a sponge on the end for blending!
2.  Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick - While I don't actually wear foundation, this stick is perfect for freshening up under eye makeup and covering any blemishes
3. Nars The Multiple (in Maui) - Cream blush in stick form that I like to dot on apples of my cheeks.  Can also be used as an eyeshadow depending on the shade.
4.  Sephora Ultra Shine Lip Gloss (in Rose Petal) - gives a hint of color and tons of gloss for any shade of lips
5.  CoverGirl Last Blast Length Mascara - Doesn't flake off and is light enough to apply multiple times a day

November 26, 2012

Bold Boots

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving and has recovered from their food comas!  I had a whirlwind of a trip, traveling all over my hometown state, Pennsylvania.  While the traffic was a bit crazy, it was totally worth it to see my amazing family and friends.

I actually had another post slated for today, but the gorgeous crisp weather in NYC inspired me otherwise.  Feeling invigorated to get back into the swing of things this week, I decided to dig to the back of my closet and pull out my burgundy boots.  These boots make more of a statement than your typical riding boot so I like to wear them whenever I am feeling extra bold.   Since the boots speak for themselves, I typically pair them with a neutral sweater and jeans (which is exactly what I did today).  With some leaves still lingering on our street, I decided to snap a pic to share.  What are some bold fall pieces in your closet this year?  xx

November 19, 2012

Maxi-mizing the Cold Weather

A few months ago a friend asked me to do a post on wearing maxi skirts and dresses into the cold season.  Since I happen to be slightly obsessed with all things maxi, I was really excited to share my ideas.  As with any summer piece you are bringing into fall, the key is to change the textures you are pairing it with.  For example, in the summer months, you may wear your flowy maxi with a sheer sleeveless blouse and a pair of wedge sandals.  As the temperatures drop, you will want to opt for thicker fabrics on top such as wool, fur, and leather.  As for footwear, you can wear anything from leather oxfords to suede booties or my favorite, moto boots.  And as the weather gets really cold, be sure to throw on a pair of thick tights or wool socks underneath for added warmth.  See below for outfit descriptions!  xx
  1. Standard Black Maxi:  Since this is the comfiest maxi of all, I like to pair this with a soft flannel shirt and a worn-in leather jacket.  I added a statement necklace to glam up the look a bit. 
  2. Pleated Maxi: This skirt is one of my more dressy maxis, so I paired it with a sleek leopard sweater and a simple gold necklace.  This look works for the office and happy hour.
  3. Printed Maxi Dress: While it's too cold to wear this dress as is, you can easily warm it up by throwing a cozy sweater overtop and adding a fur vest (or scarf).  Since I was going for a more boho look, I finished the look with a vintage pendant necklace.
  4. Sheer Maxi: The sheerness on the bottom means you should definitely over-compensate for warmth on top.  I paired this skirt with a plain long sleeve crew neck and a wool cocoon sweater.    By adding the glitzy collar necklace, this outfit is perfect for a day of brunching and shopping!

November 14, 2012

Better than Pinterest?

The title of this post is a bit shocking, I know.  As a huge pinterest fan, I can't believe the thought even crossed my mind.  However, since working at PureWow, I was introduced to an amazing online shopping site called Hukkster, which our editors wrote an article about here.   The site is similar to Pinterest in that you add a "hukk it" button to your bookmark bar.  Then, anytime you are online shopping (i.e. everyday) but not quite ready to make a full-price purchase, you can "hukk" the item, which saves it your Hukkster page.  As soon as that item goes on sale, you are notified immediately via e-mail of the new reduced price.  When you are "hukking" you can choose specific sizes and colors you are looking for, which ensures your size is available when you get the notification.  Also like Pinterest, you do have to request an invite from the site, which can take a few weeks to go through.  However, I PROMISE you it is totally worth the wait.  Enjoy!  xx

November 11, 2012

Classic Flannel

Flannel Shirt: J.Crew Glam Outfit: Asos Collar, Republic Peplum Skirt, Tights,  3.1 Philip Lim Shoes
Relaxed Outfit: Alice + Olivia Fur Vest, Citizen's of Humanity Jeans, Tribal Bangles, Zara Booties

As many of you kindly reminded me (seriously, thank you!), ES was in need of a new post.  While I have not been able to update as often as I would like, I promise you my time has been spent doing "market research" (aka: shopping) for upcoming posts.   This past Sunday I stopped at Urban Outfitters, where I picked up this comfy piece (in navy/red).  I have always had an on-going obsession with flannel because you can never go wrong with its' classic plaid prints and its' cozy soft feel.  With staple brands like J.Crew, BDG, and Gap offering us new soft options every year, it's proof that flannel really is a fall wardrobe staple.  I understand some may associate flannel with hiking or sitting by a campfire, but I like to think of flannel as another option from your LBD.  Whether you are headed to brunch with friends or out for date night, you can dress it up as much or as little as you want.  I put together two outfit ideas for how I plan to wear my new purchase.  How do you usually wear your flannel?  xx