November 29, 2012

Touch-Up Time

As I have mentioned here, I have really tried to step up my make-up game this past year.  While I have built up a pretty good collection for my standard morning routine at home, I didn't have much to offer in the "touch-up" department.  Since my job often entails post-work events, I realized it was pretty necessary that I have small makeup bag on hand at all times.  After many trips to Sephora and some testing of co-workers' and friends products', I have found that the pictured items work best for me.  As you will see in the description below, none of these products require a brush, which means I can easily apply them no matter where I am (i.e. standing on the subway)!

1.  Benefit Watt's Up Highlighter - works great to show off cheek bones or highlight around the brow bone.  Also has a sponge on the end for blending!
2.  Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick - While I don't actually wear foundation, this stick is perfect for freshening up under eye makeup and covering any blemishes
3. Nars The Multiple (in Maui) - Cream blush in stick form that I like to dot on apples of my cheeks.  Can also be used as an eyeshadow depending on the shade.
4.  Sephora Ultra Shine Lip Gloss (in Rose Petal) - gives a hint of color and tons of gloss for any shade of lips
5.  CoverGirl Last Blast Length Mascara - Doesn't flake off and is light enough to apply multiple times a day

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  1. I hit your blog after seeing a comment on cupcakes and cashmere. The only reason was because of the name of the blog, loved it. After jumping through was so surprised and have had a lovely time browsing, great style and wicked pictures. Keep up the good work and fantastic makeup tips

    Laura x