January 28, 2013

Seeing Spots

Leopard Coat, Asos

I have already mentioned my love of leopard here, but I wanted to share some recent additions to my ever-growing spotted collection.  Thanks to an inspiring blog post (which you can find here) from one of my favorite bloggers, Atlantic Pacific, I knew I had to have a leopard jacket in my closet.   However, throughout my never-ending search, I kept running into the same problem: if I found a coat that was affordable, the print and/or material were funky and if I found a coat I loved, it cost WAY too much.  After a full year of online browsing, Pinterest stalking, and good old-fashioned shopping, I finally found a leopard coat that fit the bill!  It is warm enough to be worn as a standalone jacket, but also thin enough to be worn underneath a coat in winter.  Since I still believe that leopard is in fact a neutral, when I spotted these amazing ankle boots at Zara (fun fact: they were the last pair in the store, in my size, on sale) I couldn't resist.  Between the coat and the shoes, I wear one of these items almost every day.  But don't worry, I know my spotted limits, I only wear one at a time.  What is your favorite leopard piece?  xx

Leopard Heeled Ankle Boots, Zara

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